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Educating young people and making them more aware of the importance of preserving the lake is a priority for the ASL. The better they understand the issues, the better they will be able to deal with them.

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An educational and fun booklet for children

We have put together an educational booklet about the lake especially for a young audience. It contains the children’s pages of our quarterly magazineLémaniques, combining facts and fun, and covering a range of lake-related subjects, as well as games and answers to children’s questions..
If you also have a question on a subject related to Lake Geneva or the environment, do not hesitate to send it to the following address:

Learn more about our program
For schools : in class

Our workshops are linked to the objectives of the PER (French-speaking study plan) and designed for students from 4 years old. They allow to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of Lake Geneva from an ecological, societal and economic point of view.
  • Raise awareness of the issues of environmental protection and more particularly of the central role of the “water” resource through a sustainable development type approach.

For 4-6 year olds: Discovering Lake Geneva through the senses

In class (90 minutes): By listening to the sounds of the lake, touching objects relating to the animals of the lake and observing the diversity of the fauna and flora of Lake Geneva, the children will discover Lake Geneva and its inhabitants. as well as the interactions between them.

For 7-12 year olds:  Lake Geneva, a source of life – a link between people and nature

5 workshops of 90 minutes are offered on the following topics:

  • The Lake Geneva watershed – More than a lake
    How was the lake formed? When did the first humans colonize its shores? Discovery of the fascinating history of Lake Geneva through group workshops and discussions. Understanding of the watershed, a vast region not limited to the shores of Lake Geneva. Wild, then channeled, buried, how did we try to tame the rivers and what consequences this had on our local biodiversity.
  • Fauna and flora – A rare wealth to be preserved
    What natural aquatic environments exist in Switzerland? How to recognize them? What are the animals and plants that inhabit Lake Geneva and how do they interact with each other? Why can some exotic species be a danger to our local biodiversity?
  • The Invisible World – An Unrecognized Yet Vital World
    Discovery of the little known animals and plants of our lake. By fishing for aquatic plants that are home to many crustaceans, molluscs and other larvae and by fishing for plankton, children will discover the invisible world of Lake Geneva with microscopes and binocular magnifying glasses.
  • The uses of water – A support for human activities
    Water is a rare resource that is important to preserve. Understand where our tap water comes from, what are the treatments to return it to the environment. How much water do we use every day at home and how can we limit this consumption?
  • Sources of pollution – Human pressures on the environment
    What link can be made between the pollution of the seas and oceans and the waste produced in Switzerland? A little game allows children to understand that our behavior here can have an impact on the other side of the world. What effects does this waste then have on wildlife and humans? How to avoid continuing to pollute? Many solutions exist, let’s discover them together!

For 15-20 year olds: 
Lake Geneva, source of life

A 60-minute workshop that addresses the 5 themes previously presented in the form of a discussion with the students. Depending on the choice of the teacher, a theme can be deepened.

Microplastics in Lake Geneva – an issue that needs to be acted upon

A 90-minute workshop on the issue of plastic pollution. First, 45 minutes of theory on the issues of pollution of the aquatic environment followed by 45 minutes of practice where the students count under a microscope the quantity of plastic contained in a sample of substrate taken from a beach. The objective is to become aware of the quantity of microplastic contained on the beaches and to reflect on the right actions to limit contamination.

Equipment available:

  • A poster and teacher sheets so that he/she can prepare the theme and expand his/her knowledge if he/she wishes
  • An educational file for pupils (8-12 years old) dealing with the 5 proposed themes
  • Formative evaluation sheets that the teacher can use if he/she wishes.


For schools : by the lake or rivers

In search of traces and clues of Lake Geneva biodiversity – from 4 to 12 years old

Search for traces and clues left by animals and plants at the edge of the lake in order to identify them and learn about their history and the links that unite them.

Fishing in the invisible world of Lake Geneva – from 8 to 19 years old

Discovery of little-known animals and plants in our lake, pond or river. In the field, the children will go fishing for aquatic plants that are home to many crustaceans, molluscs and other larvae, and fishing for plankton. Thanks to microscopes and binocular magnifying glasses, they will observe their fishing and discover the invisible world of Lake Geneva. All sampling equipment and microscopes are provided by the ASL.

Birdwatching by the lake – from 6 to 19 years old

Lake Geneva is home to an impressive diversity of water birds. Using binoculars and our identification guide, children will learn to observe birds and discover their way of life. Look at their legs, what differences allow them to swim? Observe their beak, what does this bird eat? Look at their feathers when they come out of the water, are they wet?

Action to collect cigarette butts in urban areas – 15 to 19 years old

The number of cigarette butts found in the environment is worrying when we know that cigarette butts thrown on the ground can end their life in lakes and rivers and that a single cigarette butt can pollute up to 500 liters of water. It is therefore important to show young people the quantity of cigarette butts that can be collected in a short time and to give them relevant information so that they too can transmit messages to those around them to change behaviour.

Action against invasive plants (Knotweed) – from 12 to 19 years old

Knotweed are plants imported from Asia in the 19th century. They quickly colonized the shores of streams and lakes, preventing our native plants from growing. Come and pull this plant with us, to help us weaken it. A fun activity, outdoors, to promote the biodiversity of our shores. All equipment is provided by the ASL.


Residential summer camp "EAU'tour du Léman"

EAU’tour du Léman is a 6-day residential summer camp on Lake Geneva aboard a 19th century Latin boat called the Demoiselle. The 22 sailors on board, aged 10 to 13, are accompanied by 6 crew members and 4 instructors to criss-cross the lake from port to port in order to discover the riches of the lake and understand the importance of preserving water resources. . More than a week of adventure and discovery, this week is a real school of life that will remain etched in the memories of young sailors.

La Demoiselle is managed by the Association La Barque des Enfants

Price :
CHF 650 per participant
CHF 620 per participant for ASL members

For families facing social and financial difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us directly or to look with the Mimosa fund of the Red Cross (Ge, Vd, Fr, Vs)

Dates of both camps:
July 15 to 20, 2024
August 5 to 10, 2024

Presentation file of the 2024 camps

Please contact the ASL to obtain the registration form at or complete the contact form below.

Find us without further delay on:

One-day summer camp "The Adventurers of Lake Geneva"

Adventurers of Lake Geneva – Day camp
Paddling down the Rhône


In Geneva, for 11-15 year olds: five days to become a lake expert through multiple lake activities. Sampling and observation of aquatic plants and plankton under the microscope, observation of fauna (insect larvae, crayfish, birds, etc.), without forgetting swimming, water games and introduction to Paddle, diving, boat navigation. sailing or even discovering lifesaving gestures, these are the ingredients that make this camp a week full of twists and turns.

Observation of micro-organisms in the Versoix

Price :
CHF 340 per participant
CHF 310 per participant for ASL members

Date : July 1 to 5, 2024

Registration :
Please contact the ASL to obtain the registration form at or complete the contact form below.

The registration fee includes the snack each day and the meal on Wednesday noon. The other days the children bring their picnic.

Please complete the form below to obtain the registration for

Fun and aquatic workshops

To combine fun and awareness

Thematic workshops related to Lake Geneva and its biodiversity can be organized on request (choice of duration: 2 hours, 1/2 day, 1 day):

  • observation of lake and river animals
  • plankton fishing
  • discovery of the invisible world (microscopes)
  • awareness of the water cycle
  • meeting of lake trades
  • gestures that save
  • production of organic soap and various cosmetics
  • and also water sports (Stand Up Paddle, diving…) in collaboration with our partners

Extracurricular workshops are also offered as part of the activities of the Cantonal Office for Culture and Sport (OCCS) of the Canton of Geneva

Passeports Vacances

Discovering the invisible world, children will go fishing to catch small living beings in the water. They will then observe them using binocular loupes and microscopes. Understand the link between all these animals and their importance for us humans, because to know an environment better is to preserve it better.

In collaboration with the holiday passports of several cities and cantons, the ASL offers days on the theme “the living world of Lake Geneva”.

Lausanne: Information and registration on +41 21 315 68 25 or on the Lausanne region holiday passport website.

Vevey: Information and registration on +41 922 85 85 or on the Vevey and surroundings holiday passport website

Morges: Information and registration on +41 79 450 40 84 or on the Morges and surroundings holiday passport website

Geneva: Organized by ProJuventute. Information and registration on +41 22 328 55 77 or on the Geneva holiday passport website.

Contact form/registration


Discovery of life-saving gestures with the Geneva Rescue
The richness of the underwater world deserves to be discovered
With their binoculars and their determination sheet, the young people discover the wealth of water birds in winter in the harbor of Geneva.
Observation of aquatic microfauna under a microscope in order to become aware of the existence of a mysterious invisible world
In class, during cooperative workshops, the schoolchildren reflect on the concrete actions to be put in place to preserve our region.
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