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By becoming a member, you allow ASL to further develop its activities in the field, and to strengthen its influence with politicians and administrations.

There are other benefits as well:

  • Broaden your knowledge of the state of Lake Geneva and its tributaries by receiving our quarterly publication"Lémaniques" - See our Lémaniques page
  • Participate in our fieldwork to conserve biodiversity or participate in events by helping out at one of our stalls whenever you wish - See the Volunteering page
  • Involve your children in our many activities for young people, on offer throughout the year  See the Youth page

Membership fees

Type of membership Amount in Switzerland Amount in France
Junior (up to 18 years old) CHF 25 € 15
 Individual CHF 70 € 45
Families/communities CHF 120 € 80
Supporting member CHF 200 € 130
Friend of the Lake CHF 500 € 350
Companion of the Lake From 1’000 CHF From 700 €
Major donor From 5’000 CHF From 3’500 €

If you live in France/EU

To pay your membership fee in euros, please use the bank or postal transfer below:

Association for the Protection of Lake Geneva - F-74200 Thonon-les-Bains
Société Générale - Account 00037261415
IBAN FR76 3000 3001 0400 0372 6141 548

If you live in Switzerland

You can also pay your subscription using the form below, or by bank or postal transfer (see postal address for Switzerland), or request a payment slip by

Association for the Protection of Lake Geneva
Rue des Cordiers 2 - CH-1207 Geneva
CCP 12-15316-0
IBAN CH60 0900 0000 1201 5316 0

Support our work for Lake Geneva!

Your donation will finance practical steps to preserve the biodiversity of Lake Geneva and its tributaries in the long term (for example, the Stop Knotweed campaign, or the Net'Léman cleanup event), as well as scientific studies to increase our understanding of the causes of pollution (such as the flow of microplastics in Lake Geneva), and a range of educational programs for young people aged 7 to 17, both in and outside of school.

If you wish to make a donation to our account, please contact us directly:

Click here to donate online.

Does Lake Geneva have an important meaning for you and your family, and are you concerned to ensure that this is enshrined in your will?
Swiss and French law allows you to gift a certain proportion of your estate once the legally binding share has been assigned to your heirs.

Setting up a bequest
It goes without saying that your family are the primary beneficiaries of your will or your inheritance agreement. Thus, spouses, descendants or parents are automatically entitled to a minimum share, called the hereditary reserve. Other family members, such as siblings, are not covered by this rule.

The fraction of the goods which exceeds the hereditary reserve is called the available portion.
You can dispose of the latter as you wish, and are free to bequeath it to an organisation such as the Association for the Preservation of Lake Geneva - the ASL.

If you have no reserved heirs, you can also nominate the Association for the Protection of Léman as your main heir. In the absence of a will or inheritance agreement, your succession will be distributed in accordance with the provisions of the Swiss Civil Code. If you have no close relatives and have not nominated another legal heir, your entire estate will revert to the State.

Finally, to be valid a will in favour of the ASL must take the form of a hand-written document including the date, place and your signature with the name and precise address of our association:

Association pour la Préservation du Léman - ASL
Rue des Cordiers 2
CH-1207 Geneva.

Insurance beneficiary clause

Under certain types of insurance, you are free to choose the beneficiary. You can, for example, designate the ASL as the beneficiary organization. Please inquire directly with your insurance.

Once you have made your choice ....

If you want to support the work and the values of the ASL by nominating the Association as a beneficiary in your will, we are of course happy to assist you in discussing this project.

You may also consult a notary for further advice, but in the first instance please contact:

Ms. Suzanne Mader-Feigenwinter, Secretary General, phone number +41 22 736 86 20.

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