Photos of the general Assembly 2022

The Committee

The ASL was set up in 1980 as a non-profit association providing a public service.

Pascal MULATTIERI, Hydrobiologist, Bernex, Geneva, CH, Confignon, CH

Jean-Marcel DORIOZ, Agronomist, Maugny/Draillant, FR

Max RIEN, Chartered accountant, Sciez, FR

Marc BERNARD, Chemical engineer specialising in water, Bramois, Valais, CH
Julien BOUCHER, Environmental engineer, Lausanne, Vaud, CH
Gabrielle CHIKHI-JANS, Lic. Social Scientist, Geneva, CH
Alain GAGNAIRE, Computer Engineer, Thonon-les-Bains, FR
Claude GANTY, Geologist, Geneva, CH
Bernard GAUD, Economist, Mies, Vaud,
Jean-Pierre GRAZ, Lawer, Geneva, CH
Julie GRELOT, Biologist, Chavornay, Vaud, CH
Raphaëlle JUGE, Biologist, Chêne-Bougeries, Geneva, CH
Daniel OSSENT Computer scientist, Conches, Geneva, CH
Damien ROBERT-CHARRUE, Environmental engineer specialising in management of natural resources, Geneva, CH
Paul ROUX, Engineer, Thonon-les-Bains, FR
Agathe SCHUTZLE, Biologist specialising in ecology, St-Genis-Pouilly, FR
Serge STOLL, Physico-chemist in water science, Geneva, CH
David THELER, Geographer, Miège, Valais, CH
Laurent VALLOTON, Biologist and ornithologist, Geneva, CH

Jean-Bernard LACHAVANNE, Hydrobiologiste, Confignon, CH

Our team

Olivier Goy

Project manager

After studying business and geography Olivier joined the young team of the ASL in 1991 to organise the first Operation Clean Rivers. He still supervises this campaign, which was restarted in 2015, and he has participated in most of the ASL activities as well as being responsible for the campaign to stop knotweed. The protection of the environment remains his great passion, together with a love of birds which is amply rewarded by Lake Geneva – each year, there are more than 80 species to be spotted here.

Amanda Melis

Project manager

Amanda trained in marketing and communication and also has a federal licence as an environmental advisor. Since 2004 she has been committed to the conservation of aquatic environments. A dive in a port in Martinique was the decisive factor! Eighteen months later, she organised the first lake cleanup, and in 2011 she joined ASL, where she has been in charge of coordinating projects and activities in the canton of Vaud since 2016. Amanda considers herself lucky to be able to express her values through her work, and above all to learn new things both on a scientific level and also practically in the field.

Adrien Bonny

Project Manager

Adrien has a passion for sailing and criss-crosses the lake all year round, always on the lookout for new projects to protect Lake Geneva.
He holds a Masters in Environmental Sciences and has been a project manager at the ASL since 2012, with special responsibility for coordinating the program of environmental awareness and education regarding the protection of the lake. He also manages the Geneva section of the annual lake cleanup, and is very involved in the project related to microplastics. He represents the AFL at the Geneva Port Commission.

Suzanne Mader-Feigenwinter
General Secretary Suzanne has always appreciated the beauty of nature. She first became aware of its vulnerability as a teenager, when she saw at first hand the dangers posed by pollution while sailing on the lake. After working in advertising and as the marketing manager for Genevan wine, she took a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Development at the University of Geneva to increase her understanding of the interlinked issues involved in the protection of the environment. Since 2014 she has been the Secretary General of the ASL, a role which allows her to pursue her passion for the lake by coordinating the strategic, operational and financial aspects of the association in order to maximise the impact of the organisation.
Diane Maitre

Project manager

Diana is a nature-lover who first became interested in aquatic environments during an internship in the Geneva Department of Water Ecology where she was responsible for checking the quality of the various bodies of water in Geneva. This experience led her to make a career in this field, and she is now a biologist specialising in the protection and conservation of aquatic species.
Diane joined the ASL in 2017 and is in charge of the project Stop Knotweed in the canton of Vaud. She also organises environmental education sessions in schools in Valais, Vaud and Fribourg, as well as extracurricular activities such as holiday camps. In addition, she has been a member of the Geneva Fisheries Commission since 2018.

Circé Luginbuehl

Administrative secretary

A nature-lover with a particularly strong affection for Lake Geneva, Circé has been employed as a trainer, voice coach, and secretary. Prior to taking charge of the secretariat at the ASL, she spent fourteen years working with a range of organisations supporting environmental, social, and cultural causes.

Julie Choubard

Financial secretary

A keen diver, Julie was involved as a volunteer in several organisations working to protect the environment. This led her to Learn more the ASL: she was initially attracted by the organization of the Net’Léman lake cleanup, especially the work carried out underwater. She joined the association a year ago in order to use her skills in accountancy and management on behalf of an organisation which has an aim close to her heart, the protection of Lake Geneva.

Alexis Pochelon
Project Manager A love of nature and of ornithology led Alexis to study Nature Management before taking a Masters in Environmental Science. As a frequent sailor on Lake Geneva it was logical for him to develop an interest in water. Following a Masters thesis on nanoplastics, Alexis joined the ASL in 2020 to manage all the projects linked to plastic and to biodiversity, allowing him to share his love of Lake Geneva and its inhabitants.
Chloé Elmer

Executive Assistant

It was by diving into Lake Geneva for her memory work that Chloé became aware of the importance and beauty of the Lake Geneva ecosystem. She then undertook, with archaeologists, research on the human impact on environmental changes in the Neuchâtel region since the last glaciation. At the same time, she takes care of the administrative management of the family horticultural business. It is in 2022 that she joins the ASL team and contributes to the proper functioning of the association in order to maintain a sustainable and healthy lake ecosystem.

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