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A decision of the french Court of Appeal in Lyon recently lifted the Jet-ski ban on the french part of Lake Geneva.

Due to the numerous possible problems than can be caused by Jet-ski (noise, conflicts between lake users, security danger), the french group of ASL took part with the “Le Léman sans jet-ski” collective to oppose against Jet-ski authorization.

Read more (in french) or sign the online petition (in french).

Initiation to canoe kayak

Sunday 2nd August 2015

Canoë Kayak ASL

You like spending time on the lake but also evolve in a symbiotic way with nature?  Canoe kayak is accessible to everybody, whichever the level. After a short demonstration we will explore the lakeside!

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ORP – Still a current action

ORP is a large operation that has lasted for more than 10 years (from 1990 to 2002). It had for objective to make the inventory of all the pipes, whose wild polluting discharges could have affected the water quality of all the rivers of the catchment basin of the Leman.


2000 volunteers thus have walked through river sectors with a kit of analyses and an identification sheet. This has allowed 8,300 km of rivers and 20,143 pipes to be inspected (see archives). On these 20,143 pipes:

  • 6,077 polluting pipes, or suspected of polluting and they have been categorised in 3 groups (2254 unmistakably polluting, 1390 much likely polluting, 2433 pollution to be confirmed)
  • 7,421 deposits of waste of all sorts.

Moreover the ASL has sent 985 detailed files to 493 Lemanic communes but also to federal, departmental and cantonal administrations.


The ASL thinks that it is important to continue to regularly keep an eye on the potentially polluting pipes, whose discharges could be poured out in the rivers of the catchment basin of the Leman.


Since 2004 the ASL organises actions “keys in hand” of approximately ½ day for companies, community centres, schools. On the menu: chose a sector, build teams, distribution of kits, hunt of polluting pipes, observation of the fauna and flora, a riddle to solve…



If you are interested by this action contact us so that we can define a preferred sector that might hide some uncontrolled pipes…

Around the Leman lake


Today water is the major stake of the XXIst century. Used for many activities (agriculture, drink, companies, energy, hygiene, …), sensitive to pollution, can cause natural catastrophes, the water resources must be managed rigorously. When cross-border it becomes a geopolitical issue. It is however present in each of us’ every day life. Let’s imagine for an instant that it would be disappearing…

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Initiation to Stand-Up Paddle

Sunday 26th July 2015

Stand-up paddle ASL

You like spending time on the lake but also evolve in a symbiotic way with nature ? Stand-up paddle is the answer and with a little training you will be the king of the lake !

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